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BP and Rosneft launched transaction negotiations

BP said on the 14th that the company was conducting a transaction negotiation with Rosneft, the Russian state-owned oil company, which pushed the company's share price up more than 3%

a BP spokesman issued an e-mail statement saying: "BP confirmed that the company is negotiating with Rosneft on a possible transaction arrangement."

according to skynews, Rosneft is likely to acquire a 5% stake in BP. In addition, according to sources, the planned transaction between the two sides will include cooperation between the two companies in exploring crude oil and natural gas in Russia and other regions

earlier on Friday, Bob Dudley, the chief executive of BP, held a "routine" meeting with Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister, in Moscow, where the price is usually two to three times that of the forming shaft of the electronic mechanics experimental machine. He will hold a press conference at BP headquarters later today

the Russian market is an important part of BP's global business operations. Before the US Gulf of Mexico oil spill, about a quarter of the company's crude oil reserves were located in the Russian market. Therefore, for Dudley, who has recently replaced tonyhayward as the CEO of BP, it is very important that the new company after establishing a good independent relationship with Russia will be given greater freedom to work

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