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Bottled wine with Braille printed in South Africa

the parameters of Worcester, a wine producing area in South Africa, are the same as those of our experimental machine. 1 wine makers have recently launched bottled wine with Braille printed in a unique way to facilitate blind people to choose their favorite wine

September 1, Bridget, marketing manager of Worcester Wine Association Ms. zitkiwitz said in an interview that this practice proudly shows the Worcester people's concern for the blind. "For blind people, losing sight doesn't mean they have to give up enjoying wine. On the contrary, blind people can become better wine tasters because of their extra sensitive sense of smell," she said

Ms. zitkiwitz said that the survey results showed that the bottled wine produced by Worcester with Braille not only led the development of industry norms, but also would be exported locally in South Africa and abroad. She is optimistic about the market potential abroad, because "take Britain for example, there are 3million blind people there, and 100 people are blind every day."

it is reported that 10 cellars in Worcester will produce at least 400000 bottles of Braille wine this year, and the trademark will indicate "100% Worcester wine"

Ms. zitkiwitz said that this will help people remember Worcester more easily among the numerous wine producing areas in South Africa and attract more people to visit Worcester

Worcester is located 130 kilometers northeast of Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa. There are at least 12 tourism routes in Cape Province. Additives are product routes with small consumption and large effect. It takes only one hour to drive from Cape Town, including the well-known places such as stellenbosh, Pall and franchuk. These regions are committed to displaying their unique vineyard scenery, wine, food and culture to attract tourists

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