Most popular bitcoin miners launch green cloud min

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Bitcoin miners launched a mass marketing project of green cloud mining data center

the leading cryptocurrency mining platform has launched its mass marketing project to create a super cryptocurrency cloud mining data in India and Canada. For example, it suddenly stopped working. These centers will use renewable energy such as wind and solar energy

anuj bairathi, CEO and founder of hashgains, said that more and more people are worried that bitcoin mining business will damage the environment, the difficulty of mining is also increasing, and the return is also declining. Therefore, building a green data center that uses free energy resources such as wind energy and solar energy has become the best choice for the mining industry, which can not only ensure rich mining revenue, It can also protect the environment

hashgains is a growing cloud mining platform, with more than 10000 active customers enjoying mining revenue. The number of customers is expected to exceed one million by 2020. In order to cope with such huge growth and the growing customer demand for transparent ABS resin, the planning and construction of super mining centers has become more and more important. These centers will be committed to meeting the needs of a large customer base. India and Canada have the greatest potential in wind and solar energy, and building a cloud mining data center will ensure the best return on investment

hashgains is a subsidiary of American futuristic Internet Services LLC, supported by it giant cyfuture, which has more than 15 years of experience in cloud data center business and manages more than 2 There are 50000 thermosetting sheet customers, including 10 of the world's top 500 enterprises

the mass marketing of hashgains (or the first generation of HgS tokens, which is pregnant with the issuance of a business opportunity coin with infinite profits), plans to raise $30million in capital to build two super data centers and purchase mining equipment. The profits generated by these data centers are expected to be distributed to token holders in the form of dividends. Hashgains said that its token sales plan has a high income and can provide multiple advantages to potential investors, including high growth, free hashing rights, dividends, mutual convertibility, purchase discounts of mining schemes and investment security (guaranteed by the natural generation of the company's reliable profit model)

the pre-sale plan for the initial token issuance of hashgains will end on February 28, which has received a warm response from investors. The token initially priced at $1 can be obtained at the price of $0.53 (including discounts and dividends). During the main offering period, which will start in March, the company plans to provide a 20% token price discount and a% dividend

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