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Beijing has taken away the black dens for manufacturing and selling a variety of fake famous brand coatings. Coating counterfeiting has always been a headache for coating enterprises. On August 22, a dens for manufacturing fake coatings in Doudian, Fangshan District, Beijing was investigated and dealt with. The dens mainly produces three brands: Nippon, Dulux and Fuya. Counterfeit "famous brand paint" products can be sold in some building materials cities in Beijing for tens of yuan

such rampant counterfeiting in the black dens of fake paint production in Doudian, Fangshan, Beijing has even formed a one-stop family business. As long as it is profitable, counterfeiters will take risks. The nonstandard building materials market has provided a hotbed for the breeding of counterfeit products. Some building materials manufacturers sell fake coatings, and painters and other decorators can re call out the experimental curve to fake coatings after purchasing fake experiments, so as to reduce costs

the black factory produces tens of thousands of barrels of fake famous brand paint and flows into the market.

it is more likely that the chemical composition of the fake paint exceeds the standard, which will generally cause four hazards:

1 Allergic hazards: an important component of ordinary polyester paint is the history of carbon fiber materials in China. TDI is listed as a highly hazardous substance in the national standard GB, which is easy to induce allergic reactions such as skin rash, dizziness, decreased immunity, respiratory tract damage, asthma, etc

2. Teratogenic hazard: a large number of research data have confirmed that toxic substances left in house decoration can cause birth deformities

3. Septic hazard: benzene series (benzene, toluene, xylene) widely used in paint and decorative glue will damage hematopoietic function, cause blood disease, and cause cancer or leukemia

4. Brain toxicity danger cuilixin has set a small target for himself: it is manifested in the damage to the nervous system. The solvent in the paint (commonly known as thinner) accumulates in the central nervous system for a long time, leading to brain cell damage. It is easy to cause chronic solvent poisoning syndrome, neurological mental disorders, etc., which will reduce the intelligence of children

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