The fashionable coat of neoclassical style artism

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The combination of fashion and Classicism

literally, it is difficult to associate fashion with furniture, but Christopher guy can do this. The furniture he designed is curvaceous and full of femininity, especially the armchair with crossed legs, which closely follows the current fashion trend in the selection of fabrics. Christopher applies his keen intuition of fashion to furniture design and space furnishings

in the living room, the space with black and white as the main tone does not seem monotonous at all, thanks to the moving details of sofa, coffee table and other furniture. The sofa is white as a whole, but the armrest is black. That rainbow elegant curve not only breaks the square shape of the sofa, but also is the most eye-catching arc in the whole space. Behind the sofa, a four fold screen echoes with the TV cabinet in color, and the various furniture originally scattered in the space is visually integrated. What is more ingenious is that the current popular national patterns in the fashion industry have also been integrated into the design of the screen. The style square lattice with Oriental temperament also complements the neoclassical style of the overall space. The contrast of colors and the fusion of eastern and Western styles may be Christopher's understanding of fashion

in addition, the beds in both bedrooms, without exception, make the space full of fashion. The shape of the canopy head of the bed in the master bedroom is exaggerated, and a natural and atmospheric curve breaks the rigidity of space, echoing each other in shape with the dressing table on the side. The bedside of the guest bedroom is more like a huge installation art, which combines classical elements with modern aesthetics in both shape and texture

create space with personal style

the elegant curve modeling is Christopher guy's design style, which of course has become the style of this home. From the details of furniture and furnishings, personal style and space are perfectly integrated. Although the space of this home is nothing special, except the open-air waterscape beside the restaurant, the living room, bedroom, porch and other spaces are arranged as usual, once you enter this home, you will be attracted by the strong neoclassical decorative style. And this fascinating decorative interest obviously comes from all kinds of furniture and furnishings in the space. You may say that most of the furniture in this home is designed by the owner himself. The unified style makes the space look more integrated, but you can't deny this at the same time. Furniture is obviously the protagonist. It even changes the dominant position of the space. The style of each piece of furniture shows the unique aesthetic taste of the owner. As Christopher guy said, "since people can identify a painter from the brushwork and color, from the artistic design style of decoration, we can also judge which designer wrote these furniture"

because of his special love for the decorative art style from the 1920s to the 1930s, the Art Nouveau with the theme of natural curves and plant modeling is obviously cleverly used in design by Christopher guy. The huge artistic chandelier at the door, the black-and-white contrast color and the beautiful natural spiral shape perfectly integrate classical and modern, and the originally empty porch space has become elegant and exquisite. In addition, the screen in the living room, the art wall hanging on the dining room wall, the elegant bed in the bedroom and the dressing table all take beautiful curves as design elements and unify various furniture with different functions

curve modeling is an element

any work of art needs a theme. Christopher's home is like any furniture product he designs. Women and curves are invariable elements

the huge line drawing decorative painting in the living room shows the curves of the human body incisively and vividly. It integrates the space together with the human body sculpture on the side and the large chandelier in the porch. The back chair in the restaurant is one of Christopher's favorite works. The crossed chair feet are the same as the double body sculpture beside the waterscape. The natural and soft curve weakens the straight line of the space, and even the functional space can make people feel the softness and delicacy of women




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