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Modern business competition has two unquestionable characteristics: first, the speed of change is faster and faster, and second, the globalization and intensity of competition are stronger and stronger

modern business competition has two unquestionable characteristics: first, the speed of change is faster and faster, and second, the globalization and intensity of competition are stronger and stronger. In the face of the current competitive environment, "the only lasting competitive advantage of the organization in the future is that it can learn faster (and better) than your competitors."

-- Ali de Hess

Asia wood doors and windows 2017

in the door and window industry, there is a leading enterprise, which has been precipitated in the industry for 14 years and is trusted by users. He is "Yacai doors and windows". As one of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, Guangdong Yacai doors and windows curtain wall Co., Ltd. continuously improves the comprehensive quality of the enterprise and product professional knowledge, and launches the important training in Yueyang in April 2017 at Yacai business school. The important speeches at this meeting are: Mr. Li, Du Jiang, Yu Zhao, Cao Xiangshu. The following is the training curriculum

this team, founded in 2002, has been at the forefront of the development of the door and window industry since its inception, relying on its keen market sense and vision of sizing up the situation, and based on the entire aluminum alloy door and window product market. They are professional and full of vitality. How can they keep themselves in the forefront of the industry and remain competitive at all times while innovating and striving

01 pay attention to the construction of team culture and keep yourself in a state of progress at all times

in today's world, scientific and technological progress is changing with each passing day, and all kinds of new knowledge and new things in the door and window industry emerge in endlessly. If you don't learn, you will be empty in mind, poor in spirit and eliminated by the times. It can be said that the development and vitality of an enterprise depend on the breadth and depth of learning between the enterprise and its employees

02 learning to keep pace with the times enables employees to improve efficiency and reduce the burden with one stone

we should establish the learning concept of learning from work, learning from work, learning from life and lifelong learning. Comrade Mao Zedong once said that study is work, and it is more important work. Learning is not only the first need to do a good job, but also the inevitable requirement to perform a good job. At present, the company has independently developed seven series of door and window products, including "Aker series", "classic Aker series", "aesthetic series" and "heavy door series"

as an enterprise employee, we should apply what we have learned, digest it in work and refine it into life. If we only concentrate on work and ignore the transformation of learning, even if we have professionalism and good desire to do a good job, our work will be difficult to be effective. Our work is lack of innovation. In the long run, we will not be able to adapt to the new situation, and will fall behind, or even be eliminated

only by constantly strengthening learning, establishing the concept of lifelong learning, and taking learning as an eternal theme, can learning become an interest, a habit, and a need. In order to organically combine study, work and life, achieve mutual promotion and complement each other, make work more energetic and innovative, and live a fuller and better life

03 continuous learning and training greatly improve the commercial profitability of enterprises

we firmly believe that learning projects are crucial for enterprises - not only bring real value to enterprises, but also help enterprises obtain competitive advantages. At the same time, we believe that we will carry out more learning projects in the future and create more value for enterprises

learning is a process of thinking and creation. Choosing learning is choosing progress. Through learning, we can shape, improve and innovate ourselves. If you want to make the result better, first make yourself better

people are great because of dreams, and you change because of learning! Yacai doors and windows takes creating value for its customers as its own responsibility, and does not stick to its inherent form. A team that dares to innovate and forge ahead in unity will continue to change on the road of future development, and go further and to a higher level




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