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When most people decorate the porch, they will choose to place some cabinets in the porch, which can not only store daily sundries, but also have a good decorative effect, killing two birds with one stone. So what are the brands of American porch cabinets? What are the manufacturers of porch cabinets? Come and have a look with Xiaobian

what are the brands of American porch cabinets

1 Golan Guanglan

Guanglan is a large enterprise specializing in the production and sale of American furniture. It can provide consumers with all kinds of porch cabinets, bookcases, cabinets and other household products. Among them, the American style porch cabinet produced by it has been highly praised by the majority of market users, and has a high sales volume in the market

2. Guangming furniture

Guangming furniture is a well-known enterprise integrating product design, production and sales. It has more than 10 production lines and large-scale production bases, which can provide consumers with porch, bedroom, study, kitchen and other furniture products, and provide professional after-sales services

3. Huari home

Huari home is one of the most popular home furnishing enterprises in China. After more than 40 years of steady development, it has become a famous brand specializing in the production of high-end solid wood furniture. The products it produces not only have many kinds and styles, but also have good quality assurance, which can make consumers feel at ease

4. Shuanghu furniture

Shuanghu furniture is a famous enterprise committed to providing consumers with environmental protection and fashionable furniture products. It has strong design strength and sales ability, and has won “ China Quality and environmental protection product certification &rdquo& ldquo; Sichuan quality credit AAA enterprise ” And “ National user satisfaction products ” And many other honorary titles, with great market popularity

5. Pearl of the palm

pearl of the palm has leading domestic production equipment and professional R & D center, which can provide its users with soft beds, American porch cabinets, sofas, dining tables and chairs and other series products. The products it produces have novel shapes and strong practicability. It is one of the best-selling brands in major furniture stores

6. Red apple

red apple is a large manufacturer focusing on the design and production of all kinds of furniture. At present, it has many franchised stores and service platforms all over the country, which can provide consumers with more fashionable, modern and environmental friendly furniture products. At the same time, the products it produces are made of high-quality materials with guaranteed quality

7. Qumei home

Qumei home is committed to providing consumers with more perfect home solutions, and is one of the leading brands of innovative design in the industry. It has strong strength and unique sales model, and enjoys high popularity and credibility in the market. After more than ten years of development, it has become one of the furniture brands with the most sense of design in China

Xiaobian conclusion: the above is the seven American porch cabinet brands recommended by Xiaobian. I hope it can be helpful to friends who are troubled in this regard. If you want to know or consult more related questions, please pay attention





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