Five principles of wallpaper pasting in bathroom d

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In order to decorate a fashionable bathroom, many people will use wallpaper as a decoration element, but wallpaper pasting requires mastering five principles, which will affect the effect and use

1. Base course treatment when treating the surface of the base course, clean the base course to make it free of dust, oil stains, sundries, etc

2. Snap lines before pasting wallpaper. Snapping lines is to snap horizontal lines and vertical lines on the treated base course, so that there is a basis for pasting and ensure the quality of pasting

3. Paper cutting is an important part of wallpaper pasting. The paper should be cut on the ground after measuring the height from the top of the wall to the bottom. The cutting size of the wallpaper should be 10-20 mm longer than the actual size. The cut wallpaper can be pasted only after wetting. Generally, it can be rubbed after being soaked in clean water for 10 minutes

4. Glue brushing is the key link of wallpaper pasting. In order to ensure the firmness of pasting, the back and wall of wallpaper should be painted with glue. It is required that the glue liquid should be painted evenly and tightly, and there should be no omission. Pay attention not to wrap edges, pile up, pile up, so as to prevent soiling the wallpaper. The width of the glue applied on the wall should be 30 mm wider than the width of the wallpaper

5. The principle of mounting wallpaper is to be vertical first and then horizontal, up first and then down, high first and then low




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