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Since 2003, April 16 of each year has been designated as "world noise day", hoping to let more people know about this invisible "invisible killer" through the publicity of noise pollution and other related knowledge

do you know what noise pollution is?

sound is everywhere, but when the sound is too noisy and has adverse effects on people and the surrounding environment, it forms noise pollution

since 2003, April 16 of each year has been designated as "world noise day", hoping to let more people know about this invisible "invisible killer" through the publicity of noise pollution and other related knowledge

noise is not just a nuisance. Medical research shows that noise pollution has a great impact on human health. In 2011, who and the European Union cooperative research center published a comprehensive report on the health impact of noise, "the burden of disease caused by noise pollution". The report points out that noise pollution not only makes people irritable and sleep poorly, but also causes or triggers diseases such as heart disease, learning disabilities and tinnitus, thereby reducing people's life expectancy. In addition, noise will also have a certain impact on visual organs, endocrine function and the normal development of the fetus. Noise hazard has become the second killer of human public health after air pollution

according to the United Nations data, China is one of the countries with serious noise pollution exceeding the standard. Nearly two-thirds of urban residents in China live in an environment with excessive noise. The noise problem in China has become a social issue that needs urgent attention

noise nemesis -- silent doors and windows

noise is like the ghost of the city, pestering people from time to time, It seems that "Jielu is in the human environment, without the noise of cars and horses "It's just an unattainable dream, but actually having a really quiet home is only an option. According to the research, the vast majority of external noise is transmitted into the room through doors and windows, rather than the wall. Although many people spend a lot of energy and money on Wall sound insulation, experimental research shows that more than 90% of all external noise is transmitted into the room through the weakest doors and windows. Therefore, the first choice to solve the noise problem is doors and windows." Sound insulation shall be improved

sound insulation and noise reduction

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shuangnuo aluminum silent energy-saving doors and windows

shuangnuo has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of high-end silent and energy-saving doors and windows for many years, integrating the concept of comfort, quiet and safety into every detail of the design



Low-E insulating glass is synthesized through an automatic production line, which has the super insulation effect of "cooling and heating off" and effectively blocks the resonance effect. After the incident sound is reflected and absorbed by the hollow laminated glass, it effectively blocks the sound transmission and greatly enhances the mute performance of doors and windows


bridge cutoff structure

bridge cutoff thermal insulation aluminum structure adopts multi cavity structural profile, and the soft combination of inner and outer frames can realize the multi-channel sealing structure of doors and windows, so as to ensure that the doors and windows are not exposed to wind, sound and water; Its well-designed structure, tight joints, heat insulation, noise prevention and sound insulation, adjacent to downtown can also ensure indoor tranquility and comfort. Equipped with German Seiko anti-theft hardware, the craftsmanship quality further enhances its safety performance


interior wood

the interior wood is made of imported American red oak. The material is hard, and the decorative effect not only retains the classical charm of wood, but also fades the original dull, more light and gentle. Hard wood can reflect most of the sound, and the porous characteristics can greatly play the absorption of noise and effectively reduce the noise from the outside


rubber strip

six seals: soft and hard coextrusion automobile grade rubber strip, combined with multi cavity bridge breaking structure, realizes the seamless combination between frames and fans, road checkpoints, layer by layer protection, and achieves first-class air tightness

double promise message: on the most beautiful April day in the world, in this beautiful season of Yingchu Jieyu and green poplar smoke, I hope we can stay away from the noise and share a quiet and beautiful life with our family





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