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Location selection method of aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise store editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows franchise is a channel of today's economic development. Aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise is the right way to create wealth, so the first step to create wealth is to choose whether the address of aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise store is correct. The location of aluminum alloy doors and windows determines the economic core of franchise stores

four factors need to be considered in the location of franchise stores:

1, traffic factors. No one is willing to go to a remote place to buy products. It is very important to find a place with convenient transportation, which can bring a stable source of customers to the franchisees. If it is inaccessible, it will be difficult for the franchisees to operate. Of course, the rent in places with transportation advantages is relatively more expensive. With the development of transportation, you can also choose places with more stops, but you must not choose places where only a few buses can reach a day, This will reduce the generation of profits and increase the difficulty of operation

2. Surrounding environment. At least the surrounding environment should not conflict with the style in the franchise store. For example, we sell high-end doors and windows, and there is a fresh food market next to it. All kinds of sewage flow in front of the door, which can't get high-end. It directly lowers the level of the franchise store, and it can't get big customers

3. Competition. Take a look at the number of peers around, and the fierce competition. Generally speaking, there are peers who explain that there is a market and they can settle down. In that way, there are both competition and communication, and they need the skin of confidants. They will win every battle, and maybe they can attract more customers. But if you are all colleagues along the way, you'd better find another place

4. Regional planning. First investigate the development trend of this area, and you can't enter blindly without knowing anything, including whether it is an emerging development zone or an old rectification zone. There are many uncertain factors in the old rectification zone, and maybe a big word is painted on the wall at any time

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