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At present, no company can make all shopping malls strong, and there will always be their own thin areas. The reason why it has become a thin region is that the sales volume of these regions is relatively fragile, and door and window enterprises are no exception. How can door and window enterprises improve this situation and make these thin areas become strong areas? Let's discuss it with the Xiaobian of guanhaomen

find out the weak points of our competitors and create hard sales

here are two examples - when the mall cuts in, we should "hit the egg with flying stones"; When the market is in a tough situation, we should "torrent boulder"

"flying stones hit eggs" means that we should first find our competitors to operate in the same thin spots in the thin area of doors and windows. In other words, we should create hard sales in our competitors' soft sales malls and beat them down with speed

"torrent boulder" is that when it is necessary for us to suggest invading the hard selling mall of our competitors in the process of mall operation, it is necessary for us to invest more than three times the human and financial resources (three times the military strength criterion in the battle) higher than our competitors, so as to promote our commodity flow to rush to the "stone sales" of our competitors like a waterfall, so as to break down and rush away our competitors. "Five star promotion alliance" is an excellent "torrent boulder" for example. The strong and strong will unite to help, learn from and cooperate with each other to jointly operate the city and develop

therefore, the strengthening of thin areas of door and window enterprises lies not in how to improve their own thin shopping malls, but in how to make suggestions to competitors' thin links

get through the "final mile" of sales to meet the demand

sales should shorten and eliminate two gaps: one is the physical gap between goods and consumers, which is the gap between door and window manufacturers and consumers scattered in every corner; The other is the mind gap between door and window commodities and consumers, which is the docking degree between commodity value and consumer demand

by eliminating the first interval, the salesperson can easily transfer our door and window products from the manufacturer to the franchised store dealer, but from the door and window franchised store dealer to the end customer, it is not easy to shorten the interval of this process. I call this interval the "final kilometer" of promotion. Contact the customized nature of our door and window industry, which requires our door and window enterprises to have an unimpeded service process and excellent professional after-sales tracking to ensure that they are accurate from receiving orders to measuring, from placing orders to shipping, from logistics to installation, so that the "final kilometer" ability can ensure success

to eliminate the second gap, we need to create congenital conditions for the planning, planning and manufacturing of our door and window products. Together, we need the whole process promotion of the promotion personnel in the later stage. For example, the communication between Anzai terminal and consumers is a more crucial link to open up the final mile of promotion

it is the hard truth to have sales volume. Once a thin mall has a stock move with strong sales volume, it will also become a strong mall. For this reason, door and window enterprises in these thin regional malls should be good at finding the weakness of competitors, and be good at docking with consumer demand, and then turn over their own sales




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